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2012-10-07 16:48:24 by Saminat

Sooo, yeah, I guess I'm doing tumblr now? I dunno, I hardly get the website thingie, so don't expect anything on it from me for a while... or something. Honestly, I'm just confused about this thing, so I'll be learning what the heck I've signed up for.

Movie Jam 2

2012-09-30 22:20:01 by Saminat

Hey kiddies! This weekend, RamboJoe, RealFaction and I participated in the second NG Movie Jam. I must say, after taking part in a game jam, I thought I'd be ready for the crunch this one would yield, but alas, I was wrong. After 48 grueling hours, we bring you our entry, Too scared to swim. Good golly, I am very pleased with how it came out! Hats off to my partners, they did great jobs! So, what did I learn from all of this? I need to buy more monsters next time!

My damn crazy kitty!

2012-09-25 00:51:52 by Saminat

Hello kiddies, not much to say this time, other than my cat is pissing me off! Some people's cats cough up hairballs, scratch up the furniture, troll you outside the back door when letting them in, and generally being a pussy ass bitch! Nah, my cat does all of the above, but there is one thing she does that pisses me off the most. She always takes naps on my papers, whether it be school related, receipts, whatever. That stupid cat is tearing up my crap and wrinkling my documents 24/7! So, why the heck do I put up with her? Why don't I just drop kick her outside the back door? Well, I dunno, I just love her so darn much >:{

So, who else has a crazy cat-tastrophe at home?

My damn crazy kitty!

Hello fellow Newgrounders! Some of you may know me, some might have heard of me, and most likely a large amount of you are like, who the heck are you!? Well, that's what I'm hoping to answer kiddies! Recently, I've been dabbling into the art portal, and creating all sorts of crap. I've always been a decent artist, not on the level of NG elites mind you, but good enough. Here is my cordial invitation: come check my shit out sometime everyone! It isn't going to make you weep with joy, but it will at least make you giggle; that is, if you have an immature sense of humor:}

Now, enough about me. There is a friend of mine who is starting to make a name for himself. The hoodlum's name is Kostou. He's been on NG for darn near 9 years! He's made quite a few videos, and is a STELLAR artist; so you should probably go check his stuff out. BUT, what apparently most people don't realize, is that he is holding a little shindigging contest. What the deal is, it is a fan art contest, dig? Go check out some of his works, make your own tribute art, or whatever the deuce it's called, and let him know about it. There is going to be three prizes being given out, a collection of 3 how to draw books. Don't worry everyone, you don't need to be the world's greatest artist to enter, he'll take into consideration your effort and cleverness by how you do it. There is a full list of rules and such on his news post, so if you have any questions, refer to it, or just ask the guy! It'd be rockin' if some of you guys would enter!

Haroo, that's it gents!

Thanks everyone!

2012-08-24 16:33:51 by Saminat

So recently, RamboJoe and I put up a new animation: Dooumb. It's doing pretty darn good! Front paged and got Daily First, thanks so much everyone! But what really got me, was the comments section. I was honestly expecting most of the praise to be on the animation, RJ's turf, and I'm perfectly chill with that. But from what I've read, people are about equally impressed with the jokes, humor, and content in it. I can't begin to say how much that means to me, being my first time creating a script and directing a video. It means a whole lot everyone, thanks again!

Who's ready to rock?!

2012-08-24 16:05:56 by Saminat

So, a couple days ago, I finally broke the surface and submitted my first video that I directed. Don't get me wrong, RamboJoe deserves as much credit as I do for Dooumb, he's the one who animated the durn thing! Now, in no way do I believe that I'm high, mighty, or above everyone else; if I did, I'd be laughed at, and shot in the gut. No, but I do believe I'm in the position to actually get word out. Here's my proposal kiddies: I'm a voice actor, singer, and writer, If anyone would like to grab me for some voicing, singing, or even to ask me to write you a script, feel free to toss me a PM!

Wacom Bamboo Baby!!!

2012-08-16 23:25:27 by Saminat

Hey, just got a brand new drawing pad today! I'm still getting used to how it works, and everything, but hopefully soon I'll be making artistic masterpieces... or at least something to make people giggle :}

Wacom Bamboo Baby!!!

It's about time!

2012-06-28 07:45:37 by Saminat

Finally turned 18 today, and after 18 years of waiting, it's about damn time! So I bet ya'll are wondering what I got planned for the future. Well children, I'm more concerned with sleeping and partying for today; we'll go over taxes and other childish nonsense some other time. In the meantime, go check out the game jam! people are getting chosen for teams today, and yours truly is in the mosh pit baby!