ASSk me anything... punk!

2013-02-24 23:16:59 by Saminat

Everyone's doing it, I really have no idea what the heck is going on, so yeah, go ahead and ask me your questions, no matter how gay!


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2013-02-24 23:59:36

Dogs or Cats? Skyrim or Oblivion? Sweet or spicy? Smelly or Stanky?

Saminat responds:

Cats, Morrowind NO CONTEST, spicy, stanky



2013-02-25 00:23:43

If we collaborated in the future, what type of project (art/audio/writing/animation) would you like to do? :|

Saminat responds:

whatever you'd like dude! Although, I'm leaning towards a cowboy theme :}


2013-02-25 01:09:32

are you a brony

Saminat responds:

It depends... but yes, I am :}


2013-02-25 01:45:43

do you like horse butts?

(Updated ) Saminat responds:

I did not have sexual relations with that horse!


2013-02-25 05:29:24

Why is everyone doing this.

Saminat responds:

Because its gay :3


2013-02-25 19:09:46


Saminat responds:



2013-02-25 20:20:22

Name your top three favorite ponies.
and who would those ponies be if they were going to cosplay as characters from Star Wars

Saminat responds:

My favorite 3 ponies are Rainbow Dash, Trixie, and then Zecora. If you don't count Zebras as ponies, then I would say Luna.

Heheh, as for cosplay, Dash would be Han Solo (love to see her do the Kessel Run!), Trixie would be Old Ben, beard and all, and Zecora would be Boba Fett, just because ;). And if you didn't count Zecora, then Luna would be the Emperor.


2013-05-03 02:27:40

heres a question: the fuck is up with guys like-ing ponies holy shit what happen to guys liking explosions and guns and cute shit die-ing in funny ass ways and other manly shit like that...not sunshine and rainbows and fucking fairy farts.... (signs) ppl like the most dumbest stuff some times.

Saminat responds:

It's just one of my favorite things, there is so much about me that you don't know that I'm not even going to bother, so whatever, I like ponies, blah blah blah.


2013-05-04 01:37:27

sorry sorry kinda went over board there ...but anywayssss didnt really want to ask and/or know anything about u bud did not even ask for all that extra stuff (just saying)...i just want to know from your point of view why do so many guys like these dumb little cartoon ponies know just askin =BRO