Is everyone ok?!?!?!

2012-12-28 00:04:44 by Saminat

Holy shit! We dodged a bullet with that apocalypse last Friday! Did anyone see any zombies? I don't know about you guys, but I had a pretty decent apocalypse. I went on a date and saw the hobbit, which was pretty good! I found myself laughing at all the serious parts, but schmeh, what're you gonna do! In summation, suck it down Maya!


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2012-12-28 00:10:17


Saminat responds:



2012-12-28 00:19:57

Haha, Yeah, we are all good!

Love the Hobbit, saw it with my best friend o.-
wish i saw a Zombie Though ;/

Saminat responds:

Pop in some Zombies ate my neighbors, you'll be fine ;}


2012-12-28 00:46:57

i have this uncontrollable urge to bite peoples faces.. but that might just be the bath salts talking

Saminat responds:

Give into temptation! Everything shall become clear, or at least it'll be delicious! However you take it, your skin will at least feel rejuvinate!


2012-12-28 00:57:16

I laughed my ass during the "happening" Deaths. Which was supposed to be a horror movie.

Saminat responds:

Seriously, people stared at me when I watched that last Harry Potter movie. Whenever voldemort cast any sort of spell, I'd crack up laughing!


2012-12-28 01:15:36

Did they brick in eachothers mouths?

Saminat responds:

Um, I guess?


2012-12-28 03:02:41

XDD I kno I was worried I was gonna die too! I didn't finsih my cartoon yet XD

I didn't see the hobbit yet but i BET its not as gud as narutovampy is! LOL
I liek your car2oons Saminat, keep makin stuff cuz ya never kno if zombies will cum and kill us all lolXD

Saminat responds:

Thanks! The hobbit was good, but it seemed they were trying a little too hard to be funny at times.


2012-12-28 06:01:52

Dude, tell me about it. Maya always crashes at the worst possible times.

Saminat responds:

They need to get their shit together and invest in a decent operating system


2012-12-28 13:57:15

No, I'm dead.

Saminat responds:

Mikey noooooo!!!!!


2012-12-29 01:18:06

I got laid.

On my couch by myself because there was nothing on TV.

Saminat responds:

Ata boy!


2012-12-29 02:26:47

I'm sorry, you have autism.

Saminat responds:

Nah, I do have ADHD though!


2012-12-29 12:41:05

just watching ponies

Saminat responds:



2012-12-31 01:04:43

I raped pillaged and burned.

Saminat responds:

Sounds like one heck of a good time! Get anything good?


2013-01-02 01:58:59

Im more than ok,
its my birthday! 917
Zombies woudn't dare to attack me now.

Saminat responds:

Happy birthday you sexy guy!


2013-01-03 12:57:28

Some jewelry, an SUV and a few child sex slaves.

Saminat responds:

Those child sex slaves are all the rage in the black market!


2013-01-08 19:49:38

Comment on my newspost.

Saminat responds:

Okey dokey


2013-01-11 13:01:04

I sold 5 and kept the rest for myself.

Saminat responds:

Make sure to send me one as well >:}


2013-01-12 01:25:15

You got $1,000?

Saminat responds:

Hmmm, not at the moment, will you accept an IOU?


2013-01-12 19:58:14


Saminat responds:



2013-01-15 01:35:57

Look at me, commenting on my own post. YEAH!!!!


2013-01-15 07:42:36

I did Tarah's VC exchange last year and didn't get a card (jaxxy got mine tho)... just not feeling the love this year whatsoever, but do hope your online version of the exchange is a brilliant smash!

Saminat responds:

Aww. You shall be missed!