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What I want for Christmas

2012-12-16 21:38:08 by Saminat

Do I have to beg?

What I want for Christmas

So yeah, today's 12/12/12, that's significant right? I have no clue, I just think it's more significant that I finished my first semester of college, so yeah!

My life is a video game

2012-11-26 14:41:31 by Saminat

And my mom is Solid Snake...

My life is a video game

Alright, so like that title said, Happy Thanksgiving to all you fine Newgrounds folk!

Now, I guess it's time to give you guys a few updates on what's going down in my neck of the woods. Still working on that animation on the background art, so that is going to be a wee bit longer till it comes out. I'm also taking part in the holiday advent calendar, so you should all check that out once it starts on the first of December. Ok, what else, oh yeah! Came down with a cold just in time for Thanksgiving, so aint that a bitch!

So, I've heard a bit of flack from some haters about Thanksgiving, particularly from that ebony Adonis Speedosausage, and I'd like to ask you gents a question. If you aren't living in America (freak yeah!), then what holidays are you celebrating at this time of year, besides Christmas?

Last but not least, there is a video that Rambojoe made a few years ago on that one site Youtube that I believe more people need to see. Matter of fact, there are several, but I'll just stick to one right now.

Love yah Rambo! Seacrest... out!!!

Beat that game finally!

2012-11-17 13:54:53 by Saminat

Yeah! Made Ninja Gaiden my bitch! James Rolfe wasn't kidding, that game is hella hard! Well, I guess it's time to actually get some work done, ugh!

Beat that game finally!

I voted

2012-11-06 16:34:22 by Saminat

Glad that's done and over with! Hope everyone else voted as well. Now onto more important things, like beating Ninja Gaiden! >:{

I voted

News, and general dicking around

2012-11-04 21:22:51 by Saminat

Howdy ya'll! I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween, I had a decent one as well! No candy coma this time, but schmeh, what're yah gonna do?

Anyways, allow me to make a few updates with my goings on, I mean, if anyone even cares that is. :I

I started a flash game project in the middle of October, and instantly I knew that it wasn't going to come close to being finished by Halloween, so instead, my team and I are aiming for a December release. I don't want to spoil too much at the moment, but as time goes on, I might leak a shot or two for people to see.

If anyone actually pays enough attention to me, they might notice that I've been doing several art trades recently. Here's the deal; Kostou, Rambojoe, and I have a weekly art trade where we each draw a picture based on a certain theme, and anyone who wants to can draw a picture and join in. This week's theme is to draw someone climbing a mountain. The only rules are that it needs to be done by Friday, and that once you finish, you need to tag it with ngarttrade5 so that we can all check your art out!

I think I've just about covered everything. I'm acting in a few videos that should be coming to the light of day sometime soon, and I'm also flexing my artistic muscles to create background art for an upcoming flash.

So, I guess that's it dudes! Looking forward to seeing if anyone wants to join in the trade! :}

One year on Newgrounds!

2012-10-20 22:14:55 by Saminat

Time to party like a bastard!

One year on Newgrounds!

Do you recognize this man?

2012-10-18 20:17:02 by Saminat

So yeah, I was playing ForNoReason's fact game, and an interesting tidbit about a movie popped up. It said that our dear leader Tom acted in a movie called "Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV" I said aloud, no way, but I looked it up and watched the movie again, and sure enough, there he is, that handsome devil!

Do you recognize this man?

My Dog...

2012-10-12 18:16:54 by Saminat

...she peed on my effing rug!