Florida sucks

2013-06-19 14:42:27 by Saminat

Freaking Florida, am I right?


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2013-06-19 14:55:04

Yeah you have to hate that weather sometimes. Over here the weather can't decide between Winter or Summer.

Saminat responds:

Aaaah winter, best time of the year!


2013-06-20 21:19:34

Winter? Boo!

Saminat responds:

You just need to chop more wood and insulate your pipes better!

Embrace the cold, she loves you!


2013-06-21 00:53:57

draw karkat.

Saminat responds:

Ok, but jeez, wtf is up with all of these homestuck requests all of a sudden?


2013-06-21 01:26:37

Girlfriend's account name under the drawing of sollux.


2013-06-21 14:44:49

It's beautiful. ;(
Can we trade weathers?

Saminat responds:

Do you have a nice cold weather or is it dry?


2013-06-21 15:41:23

Sorta windy and expected to get really f*cking hot.

Saminat responds:

Hmmm, well florida is only mildly f*cking hot, but the humidity plays a part in it's fagitude


2013-06-23 13:14:18

Why do you think I left?

Saminat responds:

And you didn't take me with you?!?!?


2013-06-24 13:23:45

You knew I didn't have a choice.

Saminat responds:

That isn't a good enough excuse.


2013-06-24 18:22:27

Hey, I'd love to have rain like that!

Saminat responds:

I'll trade you for snow!