This exists?!

2013-04-10 18:08:36 by Saminat

So yeah, I was helping a friend move some furniture today, and I found this in her Garage. Please, someone tell me I'm not dreaming, because I just can't believe something this ridiculous exists!

This exists?!


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2013-04-10 18:29:46

Jar Jar and Chewbacca are the exact same character, but with a different execution.


Saminat responds:

One is cool, and the other is a freaking tard!


2013-04-10 18:54:21

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe was retarded while Marvel Now! Deadpool is cool.

Same character, different execution.

Prove me wrong.

Saminat responds:

I've got nothing!


2013-04-10 19:05:38

Jar Jar = Chewbacca

Saminat responds:

Jar Jar < Chewie


2013-04-10 19:41:04

Holy shit!
It pops up!!! :OOO

Saminat responds:

For sure!


2013-04-11 14:15:02

Awesome! Where can I buy one?

Saminat responds:

My guess would be hell, or perhaps ebay :p


2013-04-11 18:40:40

Another thing Lucas will have to cover up.

Saminat responds:

He wishes, oh boy...


2013-04-12 20:24:28

I bet the main objective in the game is to pussy out and yell "meesa".

Saminat responds:

Yup, all the while you probably collect points by getting kicked in the nuts and being a complete moron!


2013-04-12 21:27:44

What's with all these deleted movies as of late? :o

Saminat responds:

Dude I have no idea! Newgrounds is just being a major butt right now, just going to have to wait :{


2013-04-13 01:12:48

I'm pretty sure the warning label at the bottom left says something about blood pressure going up if you play this game.

Saminat responds:

Yeah, if I ever play this abomination, make sure that you kill me. You know, for a change :P


2013-04-13 05:56:00

Saminat, why?

(Updated ) Saminat responds:

Because newgrounds was acting like a retard?


2013-04-13 10:08:20

Oh, you're the one whos posting all that deleated stuff. It's been all over my front page so I was going all WTF.

Saminat responds:

I dunno! Allow me to apologize, and to say it wasn't my fault!


2013-05-06 19:45:47

lol what is that thing

Saminat responds:

A monstrosity straight out of Cthulhu Mythos