Word to yo momma... I guess

2013-04-01 23:05:19 by Saminat

Ok, rock on, so it's been a whale since I actually posted up something worthwhile, so I guess here's some serious updates.

First off the bat, I graduated from my acting class, and so it shouldn't be long until you guys start seeing me do some serious shit!

What else, I did some voices in a couple things that should be done soon, namely a collab started by BoM and then another thingie with that sexy stud redharvest and then also a couple others.

Renaenae sent me this totally bombad bumper sticker, and you guys are so jelly that you can spread it on toast!

I beta tested Battle Spheres Theater, and it is flipping awesome! You guys should get it once it comes out, totally worth it!

Still working on a couple projects with various friends, sooooo, I guess I'll update that whenever they come around.

Lastly, I gave in and sold my soul to the soup squad, and now my meaningless life has an ounce of meaning!!!

That's all folks... penis

Word to yo momma... I guess


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2013-04-01 23:27:25

bro hoof /)(\

Saminat responds:

Haroo! (\


2013-04-01 23:54:02

i'll give you $5 to suck a pony's dick

Saminat responds:

... hmmm


2013-04-02 12:47:18

I want your mousepad.

Saminat responds:

I think everyone does heheh.


2013-04-02 13:05:35


Saminat responds:

Ooooh yeah!!!


2013-04-02 13:49:38

Dat dash

Saminat responds:

Completely coincidental, I swear! Hahah


2013-04-02 15:52:52

Battle Spheres Theater? Thats funny, man. It does look like a good game though.

Saminat responds:

Buy it, it's a blast! I'll play with you ;}


2013-04-02 16:47:21

I want you to tell me right now.
Where. Did you get. That Gilda.

Saminat responds:

Dunno, hahah, got her for Christmas


2013-04-02 18:00:08

How old is that relic of a mouse?

Saminat responds:

Pfft, dick if I know man!


2013-04-03 00:03:14

Just like you soon in that role


2013-04-05 14:38:09

comment on my newspost.


2013-04-06 15:51:34

Hidden Bedn reference noted. Also, I'm not jelly! For real!

Is that Bruce Lee's forgotten twin?

Saminat responds:

Nah, it's just my uncle :p