Wait, is today important or something?

2012-12-12 20:06:52 by Saminat

So yeah, today's 12/12/12, that's significant right? I have no clue, I just think it's more significant that I finished my first semester of college, so yeah!


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2012-12-12 21:05:32


Saminat responds:

How thoughtful!


2012-12-12 21:36:38

People are just freaking out because it's the last repetitive date we will see.

Saminat responds:

The only good thing that happened on 11/11/11 was Skyrim, so yeah!


2012-12-12 22:30:19

I have to finish high school and all that bullshit.

Saminat responds:

heheh, rock on!


2012-12-13 21:11:52

How the hell did you get so many damn fans?

Saminat responds:

Mind control baby!