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Call me Olivia

2016-04-01 20:15:27 by Saminat

I've been feeling strange for a long time now, and I think it's time for me to muster my courage and speak up. I don't feel comfortable in the body I have. For so long I've felt like I'm someone who's been trapped in someone else's body! Day after day, I've wanted to scream at anyone who calls me Sam, "NO NO NO!!!! MY NAME ISN'T SAM YOU CISGENDERED SCUM!!!!" Please, from now on, I desperately want everyone to start calling me Olivia, Olivia Kelly. *takes a deep breath* I feel so much better now.

My name is Olivia Kelly, and I identify as a tube of chapstic. 


Howdy ho everyone! Kicking off this year great so far! Art, movies, and now I'm proud to release my new demo reel! It's more of a skit than a reel to be honest, but it serves it's purpose well enough :P Give it a listen perhaps and if you like what you hear, both voice range and recording quality, then feel free to shoot me a PM and I can get to work for you post haste!



Everything is coming up Milhouse

2016-01-10 01:12:04 by Saminat

I feel strangely happy. Happy to have the opportunity to add to such an awesome site like Newgrounds, happy at the latest productiveness I've achieved, in the general direction my life is going in, with the company I keep, just everything! I love you Newgrounds, you're my home away from home!



Swag Yolo, here's to a dope 2016



Looking forward to a productive year kiddies!

Updates updates updates!!!!

Ok, where to start? I recently voiced for a dubbing of a spanish animation by the talented skulllink. You can see the animation right here, it's a Pokemon parody. I haven't been current with pokemon for a very long time, but the jokes pretty much matched up with what I remember hahaha, you should give it a view! A while before that, Retrosleep created a dragonball Z parody. I helped a smidgeon with some audio mixing to give it a good feel at parts, and I think it came out really well! It's that damn Gianni (AKA SirUndead) he's so hot right now! I also voiced for another talented cat named Johnopotamus, but the animation is still in progress so stay tuned! This guy is going to go far, so you'd better give him a follow post haste! Three more animations are in the works from Twisted4000 and Kalabor106, so keep posted for when they come out!

The 20th Anniversary Portal Collab finally reared it's head and hot damn was it really impressive! Soooooooooooo many talented people worked on it, so many god damned talented people!!!!!! Just go check it out! Heehee, I created two figurines for the collection; Runk-A-Chunk and Dad. Job well done Whirlguy!

I participated in the animation jam a couple weeks back as well! I voiced for MOC-Productions and ShadeMachine for their animations. They both joined a day late into it, so unfortunately they didn't make the deadline, but they are still working on them to get them released, just with more polish. I'm really excited for them too, they're really well written and I had a blast recording them! Go give these two dudes a follow as well so that you don't miss any of their stuff either :)

Something else that really bothered me was that I missed my NG anniversary! AHHHHHH!!! So yeah, October 20th commemorated my 4th year actively creating content and helping this place become just a little bit more awesome than how I found it :3 Kinda hard to believe how far I've come since I first began, and I'm working and hanging out with so many awesomely talented and cool individuals like Kalabor106, Twisted4000, Retrosleep, Deathink, ethanalways and RamboJoe to name a few. Seriously you all fucking rock so damn hard it boggles my mind!

That just about wraps it up! As always, stay classy you crazy kiddies! Back to Fallout!




Notice me senpai

Recording space!

2015-08-26 19:53:29 by Saminat

So I left my job a month ago due to some serious bullshit going on there, and I was able to greatly focus on my art and other such things. I have also been working on my recording space, and I've got some decent padding going on in there. I'm really pleased with how it's sounding while in there, I hear zero echo or bounce back when I shout inside of it. The next step is to find a cable that can stretch far enough to reach my rig, and from there it'll be time to record a demo reel (FINALLY!!!) Expect some awesome things from me in the near future kiddies!

21 years on earth today!

2015-06-28 16:11:47 by Saminat

It's the day of my birth today, and it's pretty significant in that I am now 21 years old, WHOOP!!! Matt and Luis, let's go out drinking sometime hahaha!3916025_143552226041_image.jpg

Pico day rocked my socks!

2015-04-27 14:10:14 by Saminat

Pico day came and went and it was just as awesome this year as it was last year. I got to stay a lot longer than I was last year however and I was very satisfied with my stay this time! Hung out with all my friends like @deathink @ethanalways @tomfulp @johnnyethco @zj and @luis. I also made tons of friends with new people like @liljim @dudul @redminus @pikapetey @terminalmontage @almightyhans and his friend Justin @sherbalex and @scott-falco Now I know I'm missing out a few people, but I'll suck your dick and we'll be cool, yeah! Took a few photos with everyone this year, and I think some of the anagrams you can make with "Newgrounds" were highly underrated. But all in all, I had an amazing time, and I can't wait to hang out with everyone again next year! :D3916025_143015745671_image.jpg3916025_143015750591_image.jpg3916025_143015765672_image.jpg3916025_143015773051_image.jpg3916025_143015778333_image.jpg3916025_143015783312_image.jpg3916025_143015788492_image.jpg3916025_143015794672_image.jpg3916025_143015802241_image.jpg3916025_143015812813_image.jpg

Pico Day Gallo

2015-03-28 23:32:31 by Saminat

Going to Philly again this year, looking forward to meeting up with my friends again! Might fanboy a bit, we'll see. He'res looking at you, Jerebear!


Also, I didn't really promote too heavily, so I'm going to change that. Started a Twitter account a couple weeks back. I don't do much on it, work keeps me too busy hahah, but I'll go on there occassionally and spread my stupidity. Y'all should follow me! :D


Turning over a New Leaf

2015-02-24 14:06:12 by Saminat

I can't stop playing animal crossing. Someone please help me!