Tiny update

2017-11-22 22:30:23 by Saminat

So yeah, robot day is coming up officially this time on December 10th. I've got something cool in the works for that! Just some art, but it's going to be cool hahah! I'm really tired god, I can't be arsed to really give up too much of what I've been doing, so I'll wait until my next post to give a full report, but if you haven't given it a listen yet, go check out the pilot episode of Underearth, a new audio story that @zstriefel is making, it's hella dope yo. Also, NOMAN!!!!!


And shit, last month marked my 6th year on Newgrounds! I was so busy with school that it passed me by heheh, I'll need to think of something cool to commemorate it :P


P.S. Sorry Tom, I love you <3


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2017-11-23 09:28:48

got um! i wanted to do this but i can't post to the front page again yet XD

Saminat responds:

Soon! You'll be on there before you know it!


2017-11-23 13:16:04

Was a pleasure to have you on board for NoMan!!
Can't wait to hear more of what you're working on.

Saminat responds:

A pleasure to be of service to you. You and Carmen are amazing!