Knights, updates, and 5 years on Newgrounds! Voice actor hyar!

2016-10-25 00:12:47 by Saminat

Hello Newgrounds, long time no chat! Lots of stuff going on in my neck of the woods kiddies, primarily college. I've been balls deep in my studies the past 2 months, and I'm pleased to say that things are coming along very well. I've officially declared my major in Physics, so things are about to get physical!

Recently, @Tyler released his new game Sentry Knight Tactics, and with it he did a fan art contest. I took part in it, and you can check out my entry here:

It was good enough to place in the top ten, and I feel very honored!

Now, the day came and went 4 days ago, but October 20th marks my 5th year on Newgrounds, my 5th year creating content of all shapes and sizes, and my 5th year of being part of this awesome community that so many of us call home. It's hard to believe that all this time has come and gone by so quickly, but here we are! I've made so many friends and acquantances, met a few of my childhood heroes, and I've had several of my dreams come true. I'm very #blessed to be here, and thank you to all of my fans for being there to see me rise to this point, you all rock!

Alrighty, so as I've been busy with school, sadly the creative side has had to take a few steps back and sit on the bench for extended periods of time. Thankfully, as was with the Sentry Knight contest, I'm finding bits and pieces here and there in order to crank out a bit of awesomeness! I've got a few things in the works, including my very first animation, but they're a little ways off, so keep an eye open for the future!

I always have a spare moment to record some lines however, so if anyone is in need of a kickin' voice actor, look no further as I'm just the man for the job! Give some of my demos a listen, or watch some of the videos I've been a part of to get a good reference of what I can do. If you feel so inclined, you can also mosey on down to my website, and you'll be treated to the highest of quality performances that I've given.

That just about wraps things up kiddies, remember to eat all of your meat or else you won't get any pudding!

Stay classy, and happy Halloween!

Inb4 @luis



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2016-10-25 10:32:57

yaaaeeeyy. Grats buddy.

Saminat responds:

Woot woot!


2016-10-25 11:10:00

Conrgrads Saminat, your very talented in what you do and I appreciate your help as well. :)

Saminat responds:

My pleasure! It was fun to voice for you, never had tried to impersonate Cell before now :)


2016-10-25 11:19:52

Man, you did an amazing job, I can't believe how much you sound like him.

Saminat responds:

I'm very glad that you like my performance! It really encourages me that what I'm doing is working!