Birthday tiem

2016-06-28 22:46:31 by Saminat

So today was my birthday. Your favorite Saminat turned 22! Not much really feels different to be honest hahah, but I guess it's pretty cool hahah. 

So in other news, voiced a few projects, and you'll be seeing them come out very soon; one of them I'm super stoked for and I'll give more information very soon! Aside from that, I've got a few other projects going on, and one of them is for Robot Day next month, it's going to be super cool and I think you all will love it!

I'm still sitting on all of my pico day sketches in my book, so I promise I'll get those out eventually XD



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2016-06-28 23:33:05

AYYYY, Happy birthday! And ye, get dem sketches out. c;

Saminat responds:

soon my son, soon!


2016-06-29 00:26:05

Happu birthday random internet dude

Saminat responds:

And thank you too random internet muffin!


2016-06-29 08:38:06

happy birthday birthday boy!

Saminat responds:

Thank you!


2016-06-29 18:24:19

Congrats man! Hope you had a happy birthday <3

Btw, I'm gonna need voice actors for my upcoming thing. Interested? :D

Saminat responds:

Yeah yeah, I'm always down for that! Hit me up!


2016-06-30 11:56:13

Cool, I'll let you know!


2016-07-02 16:17:57

rip the cake.

Saminat responds:

Rip it good!


2016-07-10 06:56:14

sweet wall art boi

Saminat responds:

Thank you amigo!


2016-07-10 21:35:29

happy (super-late) birthday!

also: are those your parents in the pic?
if so, you have some very beautiful/awesome parents, my friend!

keep creating cool art!

Saminat responds:

Pfff, nah, that was just some random image I found on google :P