Call me Olivia

2016-04-01 20:15:27 by Saminat

I've been feeling strange for a long time now, and I think it's time for me to muster my courage and speak up. I don't feel comfortable in the body I have. For so long I've felt like I'm someone who's been trapped in someone else's body! Day after day, I've wanted to scream at anyone who calls me Sam, "NO NO NO!!!! MY NAME ISN'T SAM YOU CISGENDERED SCUM!!!!" Please, from now on, I desperately want everyone to start calling me Olivia, Olivia Kelly. *takes a deep breath* I feel so much better now.

My name is Olivia Kelly, and I identify as a tube of chapstic. 



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2016-04-02 14:45:29

I shall have a stinky wank in your honer

Saminat responds:

God bless


2016-04-02 20:26:15

Hi, sam.

Saminat responds:

Hello Leonidas!


2016-04-03 08:07:37

I swear to God, Imma call you Olivia Kelly from now on. You'll regret this.

Saminat responds:

Do it mother fucker do it!!!


2016-04-04 19:27:26

hi Olivia, did u just come out? because if u did, congrats.

Saminat responds:

Thank you, I feel so empowered now!