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200+ fans!

2014-04-03 18:33:57 by Saminat

Woohoo! Thank you everyone for following me! It means a lot, and I hope to entertain you with my voice acting and faggy drawings for some time to come!


2014-04-01 00:39:11 by Saminat

I'm leaving Newgrounds forever. I never had any fun here, and nobody likes me, and I have no friends.

The move was a success

2014-01-10 13:51:56 by Saminat

I've been really putting this off for the past month or two, but yeah, we moved to Texas. Weeee!!! No more hell hole for me thank you! So yeah, if there's any cool cats in the Austin area, let's chill out sometime kiddies!


Well, I guess I should also say something productive as well, right? Let's see... been practicing my art a lot, so I should be able to put up things that are of a decent quality hahaha. Voicing in a couple things for a few friends, so you'll see those when they come out, and that's about it! Need plenty of time to settle in here in Texas, so I'll try my best to keep some sort of updates!


Stay classy Newgrounds!

Thanksgiving was Narly

2013-11-28 21:26:59 by Saminat

Oh dear lord

Back in bla- er, yeah...

2013-10-20 22:37:48 by Saminat

Hey there Newgrounds! It's been a while friends! After nearly 3 months of inactivity, RIP laptop, I'm stoked to be back in the saddle! I've got lots of plans and things to go down, I can hardly think of where to start! So let's see, I'm helping voice in a couple things coming up that you should be seeing soon, I've been honing my artistic skills a bit, so you should be seeing art that you can actually stomach soon, and I've got an actual demo reel in the works! To be honest, I was hoping to get it out when I made this announcement, but oh well, I don't want to rush it, it'll be done soon though!

That just about covers it, but there is one more thing. Today marks my second year on Newgrounds, and I am just so proud to be a part of this wonderful site with all of you cool people! As per my tradition, I grabbed some chocolate milk after work, and boy was it delicious! One other thing that I did this year was I made a cup commemorating the event, it's pretty dang cool, so check it out!

Ok, so that covers everything for real this time, back to homework for me. Stay classy Newgrounds, Haroo!!!

Back in bla- er, yeah...

Oh no...

2013-07-02 11:14:17 by Saminat

Got some bad news you guys... My computer started acting up the other day, and now it is refusing to work. I'm going to take it in to get looked at, but the future seems grim at the moment. I'll keep you guys updated.

...I live again

That time of the year!

2013-06-28 11:05:34 by Saminat

Hey everyone, I just turned 19 today! I am totally going to get chocolate wasted!

That time of the year!

We tolerate games

2013-06-26 01:53:19 by Saminat

Sup bitch homies? So me and RamboJoe started a new channel on youtube where we basically play some videogames until our eyes fall out from stupidity! If you guys like us, why not meander on over and check some videos out? We're playing some NES games at the moment, so go check us out!


Florida sucks

2013-06-19 14:42:27 by Saminat

Freaking Florida, am I right?

Oh man, this is sooooooo bad!

He hasn't contributed to the site...