Discord is good?!?!

2013-01-20 02:51:30 by Saminat

So, what did you guys think of discord's return? Personally, It pissed me off a bit heheh. I enjoy conflict, and my fanfics, so now that there is one less villain, it means everything is going to be sunshine and bunnies! And don't even get me started on Trixie! So, any thoughts?

Discord is good?!?!


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2013-01-20 03:38:00

Meh, it feels like there either building for a climax thing, or maybe they got so many requests for discord that they got him.... Or both, if its a climax, i bet its gonna be sombra coming back with a *corrupted* chrysalis, and discord is gonna help the ponies battle them..... God that would be epic!

Saminat responds:

Yeah for sure. However, I don't forsee Chrysalis and Sombra becoming good at all, or if they do I'm going to be seriously ticked off!


2013-01-20 04:35:53

the episode was fun but seriously making the god of chaos good that just doesn't work! its like making Mars the god of love or something

Saminat responds:

No kidding!


2013-01-20 09:14:20

I don't watch that show, sorry

(Updated ) Saminat responds:

You're missing out friend!


2013-01-20 11:23:37

Of course not! He's chaotic neutral.

Saminat responds:

The only saving grace was when he spoke under his breath at the end.


2013-01-20 12:47:36

i'm kinda hoping for an episode where the reformed villains become evil again...

Saminat responds:

Yes! And Nightmare Moon as well! Man, that would be a killer two parter!


2013-01-20 16:14:51

I hope to God this wont happen to Gilda.

Saminat responds:

Oh dear lord, that's what made Gilda so awesome!


2013-01-20 16:42:50

Needed to be a two parter.

Saminat responds:

Oh for sure! Discord deserves nothing less than that, he didn't have enough time to cause as much chaos as possible!


2013-01-20 17:58:09


Saminat responds:

Hmmm, Discord should have enlisted help from Khorne. A bloodthirster would've done the trick nicely!


2013-01-20 18:37:40

I don't mind it really. I kind of liked it. But there is always a possibility that Discord could be working another angle. But gotta remember, this show was meant to be gear'd towards kids, so what can you expect. But there is always a possibility that he may turn. I still thought it was one of the better episodes this season. Getting to see Discord give all them so much crap hahaha.

Saminat responds:

Yeah, I really liked the episode as well. It's just that with the loss of a villain, it limits the possibilities of more conflict, dig?


2013-01-20 19:14:27

The show is called "Friendship is Magic" so you have to kind of expect some characters being changed to good by feeling friendship. It's also nice to see Fluttershy using kindness on someone other than her own animals. It helped with showing her character more.

I kind of like the possible idea of Discord having chaos with his own feelings and emotions to the point that he goes back and forth between being good and bad. Like trying to fight the addiction of making chaos. It would be interesting if it went in a direction like that...

They could always introduce new villains too, even villains that turn former villains back into villains! At any rate it would have been boring to just have another episode with Discord doing exactly as he did in Season 2 then ending up turned into stone yet AGAIN.

Saminat responds:

Heheh, fighting addiction? I do see your point, and I guess it was bound to happen, but good golly I don't have to like it! :}


2013-01-20 20:17:45

Well, to start, discord was defeated somewhere in the first season, and when a baddie is defeated in FIM, chances are they won't reappear. Second, to have a baddie go from good to bad, its unoriginal, and it removes the feeling of a trilogy or saga. That's what I like bout FIM, it has its own misc episodes, but pivotal points in the show can critically change how the next episodes come in, kinda works like an improviser to the director.

Saminat responds:

Of course, it really does keep the show fresh to do things like conversion to the light side. Although, the only problem is if they keep at it! There won't be any source of conflict, apart from adding more villains, which they'll probably reform as well. Great of you to point that out, rock on!


2013-01-20 23:37:13

Dischord was actually introduced in the season 2 opening episodes, where he was defeated. Personally, I think any episode where Dischord comes into play is a good one (John de Lancie is an awesome actor!)

Saminat responds:

Indeed, that he is!


2013-01-20 23:50:30

Best pony Has become a Purity sue.

Saminat responds:



2013-01-21 11:55:49

Maybe have an episode about the conflicts of reforming discord?

Saminat responds:

Hmm, I can see that happening, but I think they'll show him goofing off every now and again.

I want to see some more chocolate rain!


2013-01-21 22:20:37

This angers and arouses me.

Saminat responds:

Well, pick your poison! Newgrounds has tons of hentai to choose from. :P


2013-01-22 11:31:17

I like how the 6 macguffins of harmony were kept on at all times and how Princess Celestia was still wary of him at the end of the episode.

(Updated ) Saminat responds:

She is Trollestia for a reason!


2013-01-23 23:26:57

No. It's because he is still a legitimate threat to her rule.

Saminat responds:

Pfft, Discord would make it a lot more interesting than what Celestia does! I mean jeez! She can't do anything for herself, and when she does try, she get's her horn zapped!


2013-01-25 23:27:06

Aye it would be fun.