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Saminat's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 1,121 (From 126 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 16,550 Points

Pico: Will It Slice?

Blood Sample Unlocked 5/9/14
5 Points
Eliminate 5 infected
Laser Boy Unlocked 5/9/14
10 Points
Eliminate 10 infected
Got Focus Unlocked 5/9/14
25 Points
Eliminate 25 infected
Sharp Beam Unlocked 5/9/14
25 Points
Complete 5 levels
Blood Donation Unlocked 5/9/14
50 Points
Eliminate 50 infected
Slice and Dice Unlocked 5/9/14
50 Points
Complete all levels
Extreme Blood Drive Unlocked 5/9/14
100 Points
Eliminate 100 infected

Medals Earned: 7/7 (265/265 points)

Portal Defenders

Big Fuzzy Hug Unlocked 5/17/16
5 Points
Defeat BigFuzzyKitten.
BoM-nivore Unlocked 5/17/16
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
First Blood Unlocked 5/17/16
5 Points
Hit your first enemy.
Jump-Man Unlocked 5/17/16
5 Points
Press the jump button to take flight!.
Fishmonger Unlocked 5/17/16
10 Points
Defeat Psycho-Goldfish.
Exasperated 5 Points View the game walkthrough.
Konami 5 Points Toggle Halloween Mode on or off.
Chamber Maid 10 Points Defeat Mindchamber.
ZAMBONI 10 Points Get 80% or more on P-bot's cleanup mini-game.
Ambiguous Duo 25 Points Defeat Stamper & Jeff.
BFFs 25 Points Best Friends Forever! Beat the game with both Tom and Dan.
Hollow Weiner 25 Points Beat the game in Halloween Mode.
Nose Diver 25 Points View every game-over ending (1 for each wave).
Zombiieez! 25 Points Eat 5 brains in one game.
Finesser 50 Points Beat the game without using bombs.
King of the Portal 50 Points Send the game's final boss back to the abyss.
Kitty Litter 50 Points Defeat the Kitty Krew without taking any damage.
Vegan 50 Points Beat the game without eating any guts.
Over-achiever 100 Points Beat the game at least once with all 6 characters.
Creditz Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Doer of Radical Wrong Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Juggler Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Horde Fighter Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 5/23 (30/540 points)

PSY Gentleman Transform

transform 1 Unlocked 5/11/13
100 Points
transform to the wizard
transform 2 Unlocked 5/11/13
100 Points
transform to the wolf
transform 3 Unlocked 5/11/13
100 Points
transform to the shark

Medals Earned: 3/3 (300/300 points)

Random Fact Generator

Batman Unlocked 10/13/12
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Wade Unlocked 10/13/12
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
l'chaim Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Snake Master Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Tom Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 2/5 (10/25 points)

Random Fact Generator 2.0

A CLUE! Unlocked 6/17/13
5 Points
Find the clue...
And it takes six years to read! Unlocked 6/17/13
5 Points
What a clever "War and Peace" joke....
Game Boy Unlocked 6/17/13
5 Points
That seems like a lot....
Making Money! Unlocked 6/17/13
5 Points
killing Indians...
Red Pizza Unlocked 6/17/13
5 Points
Maybe it was less of a birthmark and more of a stain?
Tall Buildings! Unlocked 6/17/13
5 Points
They are pretty HIGH up there..... Kinda tall I guess...
Sex 5 Points The Unknown Olympic Sport.
Shake, Shake, Shake... 5 Points shake shake shake
Secret 50 Points Secret
Credits! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 6/10 (30/115 points)


Wow Jill, you suck at this game! Unlocked 9/6/17
5 Points
Die without busting through a wall
Oh YEAH Unlocked 9/6/17
100 Points
Beat the game and Unlock "ENDLESS MODE". Busting through all those walls probably crippled Jill in some way...

Medals Earned: 2/2 (105/105 points)

Relive Your Life

100 MPH Spank! Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
Whoops! I hope you like wrinkles!
30 Rock Date Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
TFey and ABee come 2 save the Dee!
Big Mouth Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
Because bragging gets you nowhere.
Blind Runner Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
Daredevil ain't got nothin' on you.
Dead Mutant Baby Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
Death snagged you so young!
Dreamin' with Morgan Freeman Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
Dressing in Drag Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
Rambo is quite the prankster!
Extra! Extra! Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
Check out any of the external links
Hide 'n Seek Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
He hid for two hours you selfish jerk!
HomeRun! Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
Obeezy likes basketball, whoda thunk it?
Human Appliance Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
Science is bad, M'kay?
I ain't sayin' you a golddigger. Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
But you ain't messing with no broke.. nibroke ;)
Mee-Yow! Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
A WILD CatFight ensues!
Meet Joe Black Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
This was hilarious to animate :)
Mutually Assured Destruction Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
Everything dies and it's all your fault.
My Hero. Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
No dead bunnies or kittens... for now.
Nice Save! Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
Obviously she's a keeper!
Puppy Love Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
Like OMG, Totes jelly.
Self Consumed Donut Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
Keep Rollin Rollin Rollin Rollin WHAT
Shoop Da Whoop! Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
Imma firin mah lazor!!!
Tails Never Fails Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
A classic for bidding!
The Amazing Quadrupede! Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
You're a flying transgender mutant! SUCCESS!!!!!
The Man Who Owns Time Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
"Dr. Who" They name you, "His life, so bizarre."
The Naked Mile Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
If I weren't legally obliged, I'd go nude too.
Ultimate Velocity Five! Unlocked 6/7/13
10 Points
You become Saint Awesome!
GODLIKE! Unlocked 6/7/13
100 Points
You shake hands with the Almighty himself!
Daytime TV Trio! 10 Points Oprah, Ellen, and Maury!? You lucky sonovagun!
FYI YOU'RE A SPY 10 Points Backstabbing yourself, low blow man.
Hellfire Injection 10 Points Time paid life's bill.
Love at First Fight 10 Points Your sister figures out love the hard way.
The Dr. Phil Tango 10 Points You pissed off Dr. Phil. Gj bro.
Lives Worth Living! 100 Points You found all 29 different endings!

Medals Earned: 26/32 (350/500 points)

Roc'h Arnev Island

Vandal Unlocked 1/18/16
5 Points
Great, just walk around and scribble on everything you find...
Yet another symbol 5 Points So many symbols to find that you can get confused
Put your head up 10 Points Some of these monuments are so tall!
Something's gotta work 10 Points Try everything to get it moving somehow
All Saint's 25 Points There are many saints on the island
Grail Quest 25 Points The Holy Grail is certainly hidden here somwhere...
No need for a dictionary 25 Points Translate this islander's language on your own
See the light 25 Points These lighthouses are hiding something
The Doors 25 Points Let's check what's behaind these doors
Wildlife lover 25 Points You're bound to find some maritime animals when you're on an island
Globetrotter 50 Points You just like to stroll along the nice landscape
Mystery unraveled 50 Points Game completed
Got them all Achievements 100 Points Collect all in-game achievements in one go

Medals Earned: 1/13 (5/380 points)

S.O.P.A. got fingered

BLOCKED Unlocked 1/20/12
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Get Fingered! Unlocked 1/20/12
5 Points
Play the FGF game.
FUCK S.O.P.A.! Unlocked 1/20/12
25 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 3/3 (35/35 points)

Shut Up And Fulp

Ascension Unlocked 5/3/14
25 Points
Hi, my name is Tom
Castle Crasher Unlocked 5/3/14
25 Points
And I just shaved, too!
Ding Dong Unlocked 5/3/14
25 Points
I'd like to check myself in
Don't Drop the Soap Unlocked 5/3/14
25 Points
Dong Rising Unlocked 5/3/14
25 Points
Too much exposition
New Challenger Unlocked 5/3/14
25 Points
Heh, Emily Queer, get it?
Office Party Unlocked 5/3/14
25 Points
Not nerf guns this time, though.
Shitlist Unlocked 5/3/14
25 Points
And your name is on it
Soul Bound Unlocked 5/3/14
25 Points
This is in your history forever
Fulp Fiction Unlocked 5/3/14
100 Points
Well aren't you special?

Medals Earned: 10/10 (325/325 points)